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Tech is tough. We're far from being an equitable industry, it can feel like progress is slow or even stalling, and it's no wonder that so many of us feel like absolute imposters.

We want to have candid, open conversations with underrepresented folk who have something to say.

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Benjamin Davies-Romano

Ben works in product, UX, marketing, and all spaces in between. As your friendly go-to product person, they've got over a decade of experience at companies including Babbel, what3words, and Klarna.

Ben loves learning languages, making pasta from scratch, and has a tendency to only wear jumpers made of velour.

Georgia Diaconescu

Georgia is a product marketing extraordinaire with a encyclopedic knowledge of product marketing. Originally from Romania, she now lives in London and has experience at Canva, Meta ,and Monese, to name a few.

Georgia is into modern art and jazz, loves travelling, and has a dog meme saved for every occasion.

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"I was struggling with communicating my ideas with potential customers on the site. Ben helped me with putting a succinct summary of our offerings and structured in a way that we could create content for the entire site. The quality of their work has far exceeded my expectations, would recommend without hesitation."

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R.G., Ed-tech Founder

San Franciso, US

"Absolutely genius help! I needed to improve my messaging, and Georgia and Ben not only researched and presented several options to test (which were all huge improvements), but went above and beyond, reviewing my product's onboarding UX and identifying potential pain points I hadn't even considered. Looking forward to more!"

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B.F., E-Commerce Product Manager


"I had designed a new web app for a product idea to show to investors. I originally wanted to collaborate with Ben on refining the overall interface and UX. It was great to riff with them  on my initial product strategy and anticipate ways to not only introduce the product to market, but anticipate changing industry trends and user expectations."

Pixel-style headshot of a white man with a beard wearing a red sweater.

C.M., FinTech Entrepreneur

Portland, US

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